Advisory Services

Interfinance s.a. is an independent company with over 25 years of experience in analyzing and forecasting financial markets and advising banks and corporations in the strategic and tactical management of market exposures.

A Senior Partner will interface with you at all times. He will be aware of the risks and exposures in your activity and familiar with your risk management policy, so that his supportive intervention is fully consistent with your practice and objectives.

You will be permanently briefed with our analysis and market forecasts to which you will have full access and interact with a Senior IF Partner to discuss developments that will affect your exposures and identify strategic guidelines and tactical calls on the direction of trends, their potential and development, the proximity of turning points, the timing of decisions and the protection of positions.

Your Senior IF Consultant will naturally stand ready to answer any queries and help you improve the quality, timeliness and accuracy of your management decisions for all market exposures.

As an independent company established in 1984 our commitment is solely to you and we offer complete immunity from potential conflicts of interest which are inevitably attached to institutions that simultaneously interact with you as advisors, counterparty or broker.

Our experience covers several market cycles, a wide variety of circumstances and the full range of the major financial markets and asset classes and typically articulates tactical calls and strategic positioning.

We cover currency markets, fixed income and interest rates, the major stock markets, oil and precious metals.

Call us on 322 7630960 for an exploratory discussion.

A. Ferreira
Administrateur-Délégué and Senior Partner