About us

Our company has been established in 1984 and has since advised a large number of banks, large corporate entities, insurance companies and institutional public and private investors in the area of the on-going management of financial market exposures in Europe, North America and Asia.

Based upon our market intelligence, analysis and forecasts of all the major financial markets (Currencies, Stock markets, Fixed Income, Money Markets, Gold and Oil) and our long experience of advising professional decision-makers we bring you a clear vision of the direction and projected potential of market trends and timely advice in the area of managing international financial risk, asset allocation and timing.

As a company who has preserved its independence for over 25 years, our services
testify to their intrinsic value to professional financial decision makers and offer you complete protection from vested interests or conflicts of interest that so often compromise market intelligence from commercial operators acting as custodians, managers, counterparties or brokers to transactional business.

Our success over more then 25 years of activity has been built solely on the basis of the intrinsic value of our views, analysis and forecasts to the most demanding professional standards.

If your professional activity needs the best in available forecasts of trends and timing of decisions in stocks, currencies, fixed income and money markets or gold and oil, we offer you the a tailored solution to your specific needs combining our Forecast and Advisory Services.